Kwei accused me of my magicks rubbing off on him.


At work, he noticed that they stopped making a certain part. When he asked about it, they suddenly got a rush order for that part.

He and his boss were joking around about broken parts (in manufacturing jobs, it happens) and his boss told him jokingly to stop breaking parts. He said “Ok, I’ll break the tools then.” Again. Jokingly. What happens next day? He breaks one of the tools. Not an irrepairable break. But still a break.

So he told me to keep my magicks to myself because magic is my thing. And I just went “Nope. You are chosen. It’s your destiny.”

Now just imagine how much MORE magick would be present if you were actually working there!

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Dancing Grootpool

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My thought process with some of my followers.


*sees dragon related blog following her*

*goes to check blog out*

*sees blogger is a dragonkin*

How the bloody hell do I keep getting so many dragonkin following me?! I’m not even Otherkin!

*sees blogger has reblogged stuff from punchbuggydragon*

Oh…that’s probably why.

Nova’s Hoard: 

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this. this scene is why I STILL WANT silver hair

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PPD mostly a bust. However, these has to come home with me.

Oh this is an excellent tarot. Carl Sagan’s wife had a hand in designing it.

Really? Oh wow, this is going on the to-buy list!

WHAT. I require this.

I don’t even do tarot and I need these!


I have this deck, and it’s worth every penny.

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In the dark of the night

People will find her.

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tigerworld, phuket. i love cuddling these big babies - as much as i wish they were free to roam in the wild, im glad theyre well fed and loved!

I wanna go!!!!!

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The Scottish Highlands

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I’m still amazed that this image got nearly 120K notes. Well, I’m glad to help out the artist since she doesn’t use social media, so here’s the full version. :)

The Queen on Fire, by Rika Chan.

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So possibly the picture is a malkavian who totally thinks they can do blood magic but really they’re just throwing pigs blood at people like Carrie.
I’m pretty sure this is my greatest response to a message I’ve ever sent on here (via vampire-the-masquerade)
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